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  • How much does a bedroom carpet cost?
    This will of course depend on a number of factors, the most obvious being the size of the room and the type of carpet you choose. To get a rough idea, why not try our carpet estimator tool which can give you an estimate in a couple of minutes.
  • How much does a stair carpet cost?
    There can be a lot of variables to consider when pricing up a staircase carpet. Some stairs will run straight from top to bottom, others will have 90 degree turns and half landings while others can have stairs that turn on an angle. Each variation will have an impact on the amount of carpet you need and the difficulty of fitting it. The carpet you choose can have a big impact on the price as well. Some carpets are inherently more expensive but in addition, if stairs do not run straight, sometimes extra material will be required to allow for pattern matching. As staircases can vary in shape and size significantly, for an accurate price we would need to carry out a site survey but to get a rough idea, why not try our stair carpet estimator tool and get an estimate in a couple of minutes.
  • How much does a stair runner cost?
    There are many factors that can affect the cost of a stair runner but to get a rough idea, visit our stair runner estimator page and get a guide price in a couple of minutes. For the most accurate costing information, let us perform a survey to assess the area and generate a full quotation.
  • Which carpets are most eco friendly?
    Natural fibre carpets such as wool and sisal can be considered more sustainable as the materials are grown and naturally replenish rather than being manufactured. These carpets will also biodegrade at the end of their use so will not end up in landfill. Some man made fibre carpets and underlays are made from recycled materials like ocean bound plastics or recovered fishing nets etc helping to reduce environmental impact.
  • Are wool carpets better than man-made fibre carpets?
    This will depend on your criteria. Wool carpets have more natural resilience and fibre memory so will hold their shape better over longer periods. They are also less flammable and release no VOCs meaning they can help enhance air quality in the home. Man-made fibre carpets will usually have better stain resistance and feel softer but are likely to flatten sooner.
  • What are the problems with wool carpets?
    Wool carpets can be more susceptible to staining although stain preventing treatments can be applied to help with this. Wool can feel more coarse than other fibres.
  • How soon can my carpet be fitted?
    The answer to this question depends on a few things. Firstly, how soon can we get your carpet? Some of our suppliers can deliver to us in a few days while some take a few weeks. The other consideration is how soon we will have an available fitter for your job. Usually we will be able to accommodate smaller jobs within 2-4 weeks (sometimes sooner!) while larger projects will tend to be more like 4-6 weeks. Extra time may be needed in peak times such as the run up to Christmas. It is also worth noting that as carpet/floor fitting is often one of the final stages of a building or decorating project, it is not uncommon for customers to request their jobs to be postponed due to delays with other trades. This means that time slots can open up at short notice so if you make us aware you are ready for fitting earlier than your booked slot, we may be able to offer you the chance to bring things forward.
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