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Custom Made Rugs
& Runners

At Floor Design Wetherby we are a leading supplier of custom designed rugs and runners in Leeds, York & Harrogate

Whether you have a floor that needs a feature rug, or a staircase in need of dressing, our custom rugs are made to measure. Using the best materials and crafted with care and attention to create rugs that stand the test of time.

Rugs are a fantastic way to add texture and warmth to a room. Use them to define a specific area such as a seating area in a living room or snug or place a large area rug under a dining table.


We work with leading carpet manufacturers and binding specialists and are able to create rugs to your bespoke specification from any carpet.

For specific advice about Stair Runners, read our stair runner price guide.

Our key rug partners

We can make rugs out of any carpets by partnering with our local binding specialists.

There are also several carpet manufacturers such as Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring and Fibre Flooring that provide their own rug services and offer online rug designers that you can use to design your rug on screen.

Once you've made your selections, just let us know the details and we will liaise with the manufacturer to have your rug made up. We also have samples of the carpet and binding colours for you to view in store and borrow at home.

Tips for designing rugs

There's so much choice and so many variables to consider when planning a rug, so make sure you contact our friendly team at Floor Design Wetherby. However here are our top tips to consider when planning your custom rug:

1. Rugs can be made out of nearly any carpet, which means your choices are almost endless, so it can be hard to make a decision! If you're currently having new carpets fit in your home, many customers opt to make a rug from the same carpet. This means a rug will be worked into the main carpet cutting plan.


This can be a good option because it ensures continuity in design around the home. For example, you may be fitting a carpet to stairs and landing and make a rug for the hallway out of the same. Or if you install a carpet to the lounge use the same carpet to make a rug for an adjoining dining area.

It also can be cost efficient as the rug can be made out of waste carpet, depending on your cutting plan.

2. If your rug will be separate to a carpet install then consider if you wish to choose from a range by Crucial Trading, Alternative Flooring or Fibre Flooring. These companies offer very good rug services, however you are limited to choosing from their own carpet and binding selections.

The benefit of using their dedicated rug service is that you will only be charged for the size of your rug. If you wish to order carpet from other manufacturers then we're limited to ordering from the usual carpet widths of 4m or 5m wide so depending on the size of your rug can be less cost efficient.

3. Rugs aren't just for hard flooring! Rugs are perfect to lay on hard flooring such as wood flooring and Luxury Vinyl Tiles like Amtico or Karndean. They give depth to a decorating scheme by adding a new texture, as well as being great to define or ground a particular area such as a seating area or dining area.

However you can also use rugs on carpet, just make sure that you've selected a different texture to the carpet underneath. Wool rugs on sisal carpet, or sisal rugs on wool carpet work wonderfully. Or consider a wool loop rug on a wool twist carpet. Either way you have variations in texture and appearance.

4. You need to consider how the edges of the rug will be finished. The two main options are to use a tape binding, usually cotton or linen but also available in suede, leather and faux leather. These bindings come in a wide range of colours so you can select a similar tone to the rug or opt for a contrast, maybe pick up an accent colour from somewhere else in the room.

Alternatively you can choose to "whip" the edge of the rug. This is a thin edging of wool yarn that is overlocked, similar to the way most carpet samples are edged. Most people tend to choose a colour that blends in with the colour of the rug. Whipping is normally cheaper in price than the tape binding.

5. Be careful laying rugs over floors with underfloor heating (UFH). Most UFH suppliers will advise to avoid installing a floorcovering over your UFH that is too insulating. This is because the floorcovering will prevent heat transfer from your UFH system and into the room. This also applies to rugs, if you have UFH make sure you select a thin rug with a log tog rating, this should ensure your heating system isn't adversely affected. If you select a thick woolly rug with a high tog rating you're likely to get hot spots under the rug that may affect the floorcovering underneath.

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