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How to compare carpet & flooring quotations

At Floor Design we’ve been supplying and installing carpet and hard flooring for over 40 years. Our mission is to guide our customers to the best quality products as we strive to always deliver an unparalleled level of service.

As part of this service we aim to be as open and transparent as possible when it comes to purchasing flooring. This is why we’ve launched a series of Price Guides for the different products we supply. Purchasing flooring is generally an infrequent occurrence and with the wide range of product types and price points it can be a complicated and confusing experience. These price guides aim to help our customers understand the key variables that affect a carpet or flooring project so they can better understand how product selection or design can influence the final cost.

For potentially expensive projects such as flooring, customers may often approach several suppliers for different price options before making a final decision. So it’s also important to understand how to compare quotations from different suppliers and ensure you’re comparing like for like specifications.

Floor Design is a long standing member of the Carpet Foundation, the UK’s leading body in the carpet and flooring industry which promotes the very best practice in carpet retailing. As such we operate within a well defined code of practice.

Key things to consider when comparing carpet & flooring quotations:

Do you have written quotations?

It’s important that you receive a written quotation on official company letterhead alongside a full copy of the company’s terms of business. The quotation should indicate the full price of the project with a clear specification of the products included.

A quote written in the body of an email or sent by text message should not be considered sufficient.

Have you been sent terms of business?

All quality retailers will send a copy of their terms of business with your quotation. These will clearly state how they intend to deal with your order, what is/isn't included in their service and crucially state how they will approach problems if they arise.

It should also make clear payment terms and any guarantees that apply to your order.

Are the quotes “like for like”?

The most important aspect when comparing quotations is to establish if the quotations are like for like. This means ensuring that all the products in the quotations are the same and for the same areas.

Carpet and flooring come in a range of specifications and price ranges. If the products in the quotes are not exactly the same, then it’s not a fair comparison.

This is equally true for accessories and floor preparation materials e.g. different carpet underlays will have different specifications and costs, so it’s important to ensure that the comparison is fair or that you are clear on the differences in quality and performance. For LVT or wood orders we routinely test for high moisture and will include damp proof membranes where required, these are often overlooked by other retailers but are crucial to a successful installation.

In reality, most flooring companies sell the same products at very similar prices. So on a true like for like basis there is unlikely to be a large difference in price. If you are comparing two quotations with a significant price difference then it would normally indicate that the quotations are not like for like.

In this instance double check that all the products are exactly the same and check to see what floor preparations and fitting costs have been included in each quote.

Has the project been measured?

Sometimes companies can give estimated prices based on estimated quantities. However a price is not binding unless the retailer has been out to measure themselves. So if you have a cheaper price elsewhere based on an estimate it’s important you ask the retailer to visit your property and do a full site survey and measure to confirm their price.

Is fitting included?

Fitting costs may be included in the headline price of your flooring product or there may be an arrangement to pay fitters direct outside of the quotation provided by the retailer. It’s important to understand which applies in your case so can calculate the overall price of the project including materials and installation.

What are the payment terms?

The quotations should clearly indicate payment terms. At Floor Design we charge 50% deposit on order and the final balance is due after the work has been completed. We believe this is important in building trust with our customers and demonstrates our intention to do a perfect job every time.

What are the guarantees?

Be clear on what guarantees apply to the products and installation. As Carpet Foundation members we offer a range of guarantees for the installation of our products and are able to offer extended manufacturer warranties for certain products. This detail should be identified in the terms of business sent with your quotation.

It comes down to trust

As you can see from the points above, comparing quotations goes far beyond the headline price on the initial quote. Your chosen retailer should present themselves in a professional manner at all times and give you confidence in their ability to properly plan all aspects of the installation.

Ultimately, deciding which company to use will come down to who you trust to do the work properly and to treat you fairly. It’s important to consider trust signals such as how helpful and knowledgeable the sales staff have been, how thorough the survey and quoting process was, details and photographs of previous work, the availability of online reviews and membership of any trade bodies and associated guarantees.

A quality flooring retailer will aim to make the installation process as smooth as possible, using their knowledge and experience to highlight and resolve potential issues for the fitting team as well as advise you on how to achieve the best finish aesthetically.

It’s also important that your chosen retailer can demonstrate how they will deal with your order should a problem occur and how the retailer will help to resolve the problem and ensure you are satisfied with the final outcome.

If you have any questions about your flooring project or quotation, don't hesitate to contact our team who will be happy to help.

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