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How Much Does Sisal Carpet Cost?

Sisal carpet is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as homeowners look for flooring options that are more eco-friendly and sustainable. However sisal is not new, it's been used in carpets and rugs for hundreds of years.

In this guide we will discuss what Sisal carpet is, some of the pro's and con's and how much you should expect Sisal Carpet to Cost.

Firstly, what is Sisal Carpet?

Sisal is a type of agave plant that is grown in South America and Asia. The fibres are highly resilient which has led to them being used in a wide range of industries including rope making, paper making as well as in the production of carpets and rugs.

For carpets and rugs, the leaves will be washed, dried and and then the fibres extracted and spun into a yarn that can be woven into different patterns. This will create a fabric that is extremely hard wearing with a distinctive natural, textured appearance.

What does Sisal Carpet feel like?

Sisal is known for it's textured surface, it can feel a bit rough to bare feet. However, the exact texture will depend a great deal on the specific weave of the sisal and some will feel smoother than others.

It's this texture that is often one of the sought after features of Sisal. When combined with other fabrics, it's possible to create significant interest and style from a range of textured finishes in your room decor.

Is Sisal Carpet installed in the same way as normal carpet?

No, Sisal is a specialist product and must be installed in a certain way. As it is a plant fibre it can be susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature leading it to potentially expand and contract when on the floor.

To combat this, sisal is fully stuck down to a specialist crumb rubber underlay. This stops the sisal from shrinking back.

Is Sisal carpet more expensive than normal carpet?

No not necessarily. As with most things there is a large price range from lower to higher priced options.

Sisals will start at around £40m2 for the carpet and go up beyond £100m2 for some of the more specialist designs and latest colour options.

This is on par with a standard decent quality wool or man-made fibre carpet.

However, you should expect to may a bit more for the installation of the sisal as this is a more specialist skill that involves fully adhering the sisal to a specialist underlay. Installation costs will vary depending on the complexity of the installation but are often around £10-£12 m2.

We recommend you have a read through our Carpet Cost guide which has other relevant information for both wool and sisal carpet projects.

Need more help? To get specific advice on your project visit us in store or send us a message and one of our team of flooring experts will be happy to help!

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