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Our Sustainability Pledge

Floor Design is committed to playing our part in the effort to tackle climate change and to reduce greenhouse emissions. To that end, we have partnered with Ecologi to assist with offsetting our carbon impact. We are proud to say that we have committed to offsetting the climate impact of each of our showroom team through Ecologi's Climate Positive Workforce initiative. We are also committed to planting a tree for every sale over £100 to further contribute to the reforestation effort.

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Our partnership with Ecologi ensures we are only involved in worthwhile & well managed projects which will actually help the planet.


Click here to view our Ecologi profile & the see projects we have already supported.

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Does planting trees make that much difference?

Reforestation is generally considered as the major natural climate solution. Trees currently provide the most effective means for carbon sequestration on the planet,  however it is critical to ensure that tree planting is carried out correctly in order to be effective. Ecologi work hard to ensure that ecologically appropriate trees are planted in the right places. They coordinate with local communities to ensure that the trees are protected from any natural or human threats so that they can survive and thrive.

Trees don't consume the maximum level of carbon until they are fully matured which can take a number of years meaning the bulk of the carbon emissions they will sequester will happen in the future. This means the reforestation projects we are funding aren’t certified as carbon offsets so for any reporting on offsetting our carbon footprint we use only the certified offsets from other projects (such as forest conservation & renewable energy). Our intention is to both contribute to projects that will make a difference now whilst also planning for the future.

What else are we doing?

As part of our focus on sustainability, we are also reviewing our product offering to make sure we can offer our customers the best in sustainable flooring options. Ask us in store about

  • 100% Wool Carpets

  • 100% Plant Fibre Carpets (i.e. Sisal, Coir, Jute)

  • 100% Recycled Plastic Carpets

  • Underlays made from recycled textiles

  • Underlays made from recycled bottles

  • Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Cork Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring

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