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How much does a carpet stair runner cost?

Grey Carpet Stair Runner Cost with Rods

How much will my carpet stair runner cost? Stair runners are becoming increasingly popular. A cursory search across Instagram or Pinterest will deliver a wide range of different stair runner examples. For many people they may be considering a stair runner for the first time and one of the first questions they’ll often ask us is “how much do stair runners cost?”

Every year thousands of customers ask us for quotes or estimates and many will raise this question in the first few minutes of conversation.

Price matters, whilst it’s not the only consideration, it is important. Price can often dictate the type of flooring and design options you choose.

It’s tough to answer this question straight off because there are so many variables and options. It's hard to know the final price until you’ve figured out exactly what you want and have had skilled professionals assess your space to determine the best use of materials and approach to fitting.

At Floor Design Wetherby we strive to inform every potential customer, even if that leads you to a different type of flooring, our aim is to ensure you end up with the best flooring for your individual situation.

I’ll do my best to offer some realistic price ranges based on real world costs right now.

Please keep in mind that all prices are only estimates based on average projects. Prices can and often do vary drastically based on product selection and floor preparation requirements.

Select Your Carpet

The first step is to select your carpet, there are a wide range of carpet options suitable that can range from under £20 per square meter to well over £100, clearly this will have a big impact on the overall price of the flooring.

Select Your Edging

Second is to select how to finish the edge of the runner. Stair runners are a strip of carpet that runs down the centre of the stairs exposing the wooden staircase at either side. The main options for finishing the edges are:

  1. Hemmed edges, where the carpet is folded over and glued at either side

  2. Whipping, where wool yarn is used to bind the cut edges leaving a finish like on most carpet samples

  3. Fabric binding, fabric in cotton, linen or leather is folded over the cut edge and sewn in place. This is a popular option due to the wide range of design and colour options available

Each option has a different price, with hemming being able to take place on site at time of fitting so is cheapest. Whipping is the next cheapest as it can be completed quickly with relatively inexpensive wool or man-made fibre yarn. Fabric binding is the most expensive and variable as each type of fabric is priced differently and it is a more involved process to apply to the carpet.

Complexity of Stairs

The final consideration when determining the cost of your stair runner will be the complexity of your staircase. You may have a very straightforward staircase that is a single run of stairs in a straight line. In most cases a fitter working alone should be able to install a stair runner in a single piece of carpet to a straight run of stairs in under a day.

Alternatively, you may have lots of turns and curved steps that will require lots of individually shaped and cut pieces of carpet. The fitter may also need to make multiple visits to cut the carpet to size before sending to a specialist binding company for the edging to be applied.

This will have a significant impact on the cost for installation and could require two or three days to install the stair runner.

There’s an option for all budgets!

As there are so many variables involved we are normally able to design a scheme that will work to all budgets, large or small. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an impactful stair case. A well chosen, lower priced carpet can be made to look extra special with the right planning and installation.

We encourage you to be open with us about how much you’re realistically looking to spend so that we can offer you options that will suit your price range and style.

Need more help? To get specific advice on your project visit us in store or send us a message and one of our team of flooring experts will be happy to help!

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