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Carpet Trends for 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

With the end of 2022 fast approaching we look forward to next year and predict the key carpet design trends for 2023

Natural, sustainable and eco-carpet options

An ever growing trend in all areas of life is an increased awareness of how our choices impact on the environment. Decorating and furnishing our homes is no exception and the products we choose can have wide ranging impacts on the environment.

We've seen growing interest throughout 2022 on products made with sustainable materials and that are low plastic or plastic free. We expect this trend to continue into 2023 and grow ever stronger.

There are a wide range of sustainable and eco-carpet options available on the market today with focus on three main areas:

1. 100% undyed wool Carpet

Manufacturers have responded to demand by releasing lots of new ranges of 100% wool carpets this year with many more in development for next year and tweaks and updates to existing popular ranges planned in.

Wool Herringbone Stair Carpet
100% Undyed Wool Herringbone Stair Carpet

A key focus for us has been on the Lakeland Herdwick range from Brockway Carpets which has grown to include multiple loop options and flatweaves in Herringbone and Lattice designs.

This trend will continue in to 2023 and the undyed Herdwick wool supports other decorating trends that focus on natural earthy tones that range from pale cream to dark grey.

This style of carpet can be fitted to any room but is particularly good at making a feature of a staircase such as this installation of the Herdwick Weave Herringbone design to a property between Harrogate and York.

2. Sisal Carpet

As customers move away from the previously popular polypropylene soft touch carpets and the standard wool twists for more adventurous styles, we're seeing greater interest in Sisal carpets.

Sisal Herringbone Stair Runner
Sisal Herringbone Stair Runner

Sisal is an excellent eco-friendly option, made from renewable plant fibres with no plastic content and is increasingly available in a greater variation of colour tones ranging from natural beige and gold tones through to contemporary greys and blacks.

It's tough and durable nature makes it suitable for many areas of the home and is very popular on staircases, particularly when fitted as a stair runner with bound edges.

Also popular made into rugs, we can make a made to measure, bespoke rug from any of our carpets or browse the ever popular rug builders from Crucial Trading and Alternative Flooring.

3. Recycled Plastic Carpet

Whilst soft touch carpets made from man-made plastic fibres such as polypropelene, polyester and nylon have been hugely popular in recent years we have seen a dramatic decline in enquires of this type of carpet.

However, for those that still like the look and feel of this style but want to ensure they're minimising their environmental impact - consider a carpet made from recycled nylon such as the Oshun by Associated Weavers. This carpet is made with nylon produced from recycled materials including recycled fishing nets taken from the Ocean.

Whilst a more expensive way of producing carpet, there is demand there from environmentally minded customers so we expect more manufactures to start developing these styles of carpets.

Stair Runners

Another trend that's gaining pace is the installation of stair runners on staircases. Staircases are often a central feature of the home and you can make a big impact by considering the design options available when installing carpet on a staircase.

You may opt for a bright colour or design that helps bring your wider decorating scheme together or go for a subtle design that helps to complement other colours or features in the room.

Stair runners can be made from most styles of carpet so there's a huge range of design options open to you. Certainly a trend that's going to become even more popular in 2023.

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