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Finishing touches to your design project: Farrow & Ball

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

So you've picked out your perfect flooring, you've sussed the curtains, got some beautiful furniture on order and the project mood board is looking great. All you need is a fresh lick of paint and your dream room is finished! But which paint to choose? Which colour? Which finish?

Thankfully the good people at Farrow & Ball have got you covered with their amazing range of paints and primers. Here we will try to explore the different options available and what sets Farrow & Ball apart.

It's All About Colour

Farrow and Ball paint is famous for a distinctive 'chalky' finish and for producing colours that impressively respond to different lighting conditions. This is achieved by using larger quantities of higher quality pigments (finely ground natural or synthetic, insoluble particles that impart colour) than usually found in paints designed for home decorating.

By including a more pigments of different tones and hues, Farrow and Ball paint will emphasise different elements of the colour depending on the lighting conditions meaning your wall will show different elements in morning sunlight in comparison to artificial lighting at night and all the variances in between. This is what makes Farrow and Ball colours seem to come to life on the wall.

So much choice

Farrow and Ball boast an extraordinary array of colours. The core range has over 130 different options but there are also supplementary collections celebrating collaborations with the Natural History Museum and interior designer Kelly Wearstler. If that wasn't enough, there are over 100 additional colours from the archives that can be made to order. With so many options, you can be confident of finding the right colour for your project.

The Right Finish for the Right Job

Once you have chosen the colour, the next step is to select the appropriate finish. Different materials will need different types of paint to give the best finish. From walls to woodwork & metal to masonry, there are many options available so you can apply the required colour in any environment. For our quick guide to Farrow & Ball paint finish options, click here.

Environmentally Sound

Another reason we love the Farrow & Ball range is because of their environmental credentials. They were the first in the industry make 100% of their range water based and have also made substantial efforts to make and use recyclable materials where possible. The Modern & Estate rages are also certified Child & Baby safe in accordance with Toy Safety Standards.

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