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How to choose the perfect carpet

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Buying carpets can be an overwhelming experience when faced with the vast range of different styles, colours and constructions available to choose from.

At Floor Design Wetherby we aim to make it easier by offering quality ranges from trusted manufacturers, supported by the advice and experience of our sales team to help you choose the perfect carpet.

The first step is to carefully consider what colour and style of carpet is best for your room. Whilst you might like like the look of a certain style, think practically if this would be the best option for your particular room.

Whilst there are a vast range of carpet styles and fibres to choose from, there are four key styles that are suitable for most homes, here are some of the pros and cons of each style to help inform your decision:

Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets can create both rustic and contemporary looks so are versatile in many decorating schemes.

Most loop pile carpets will be made from 100% wool. The pile is made from a series of loops, so that you're actually walking on the side of the yarn. It often works well in halls and stairs as it doesn't show the tracking that can occur from everyday wear.

It might not be suitable for households with pets as their claws can catch the loops but this depends on the individual pet. Heavy wear from outdoor shoes or rubber soles can cause pilling and most manufacturers recommend switching off the beater bar on your vacuum cleaner to further limit the chances of excessive pilling.

Easy Clean Twist

Practical for family life, a tough twist pile carpet made from man-made fibres. Good for children's bedrooms, playrooms and dining rooms, where spills are likely. Tough stains can generally be cleaned with a diluted bleach solution but check with the manufacturer's guidelines.

As with most man-made fibres, not as resistant to flattening as most wool twists.

Wool Twist

A traditional style of carpet available in the widest range of colours as well as plain, heathered and heavily flecked styles. Most wool twist carpets will be made from a mix of 80% wool and 20% man-made fibre, this gives the best wear and durability.

The natural crimp in wool helps the tufts spring back when walked on so helps a wool twist carpet to resist flattening and retain it's appearance for longer. However wool can be sensitive to chemicals and tough stains.

Soft Deep Pile

A popular trend is for the soft deep pile man-made fibre carpets. Made with specialist polypropylene, polyester or nylon yarns. Suits bedrooms and living areas for creating an on trend comfortable and luxurious look.

Due to the length and softness of the fibres these style of carpets can often show heavy shading when walked on and are less resistant to flattening in heavy traffic areas, particularly on stairs and in doorways.

Other Styles

Of course there's a huge range of other styles to consider from wool velvets, stripes, patterned Axminsters and plant fibre ranges including sisal, seagrass, coir and bamboo. We supply and fit all these ranges, contact us for more details.

Clockwise from top left: Cormar Primo Plus - Snowdrift (easy clean twist), Brockway Beachcomber - Reef (wool loop), Cormar Home Counties Plain - Florin (Wool Twist), Cormar Gemini - Pennine Mist (soft deep pile)

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