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You've helped us plant over 1000 trees!

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

We launched our sustainability drive earlier this year and we're pleased to report that with your support we've been able to fund the planting of over 1,000 trees!

These trees will be managed to ensure they grown into an ecologically diverse future carbon store that will benefit local communities and help lessen the impacts of climate change.

In addition to this, we've helped to fund carbon offset programs that have enabled us to offset over 26 tonnes of CO2e.

What else are we doing to help reduce our impact on the environment?

Upgrades to our Wetherby Carpet and Flooring Showroom

The electricity we use is from renewable resources and we have made changes to our showroom, which is an old stone building, to increase insulation and replace old single pane windows with modern double glazing, whilst still respecting the appearance of the Wetherby Conservation area.

Sourcing eco-friendly carpet & sisal

We have had great success this year with more eco-friendly carpet and sisal options. Whilst carpets from man-made fibers clearly still have their place we've seen a big swing in customer interest to sustainable and eco-friendly 100% wool options, particularly the Herdwick range from Brockway.

Brockway Herdwick Weave Herringbone Stairs Carpet
Brockway Herdwick Weave

This is a really attractive range of loop carpets including a herringbone flatweave made with the wool of Herdwick sheep from the Lake District and woven in the UK for a truly sustainable product with very low manufacturing miles.

Made from a tough and hard wearing plant fibre, sisal can be woven into a range of different weave patterns including the ever popular herringbone design.

Demand for Sisal continues to grow, an excellent alternative to traditional wool carpets. Suited to both traditional and modern homes it adds a new dimension in style and texture when compared to standard carpet styles.

Sisal Herringbone Stair Runner
Sisal Herringbone Stair Runner

Made from a tough and hard wearing plant fibre sisal can be woven into a range of different weave patterns including the ever popular herringbone design.

Particularly suited to high traffic areas such as halls, stairs and landings but we've installed in all areas of the home including lounges and bedrooms.

Also popular in rug form and can be layered over hard flooring or wool carpets to give an addition depth of texture to your decorating scheme.

Eco-friendly Underlay

We have increasingly been pairing our carpets with eco-friendly underlays such as the Springbond which is made from recycled plastic bottles or using traditional wool felts which is made from recycled textile fibres. Both give excellent performance using renewable and recycled materials.

New eco-friendly laminate and cork flooring

We are also working increasingly with alternatives to vinyl flooring, in the form of laminate and cork. Whilst vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) such as Amtico and Karndean remains ever popular it doesn't suit all homes and requirements.

Eco-Friendly Laminate Parquet Flooring
Eco-Friendly Laminate Parquet Flooring

An increasingly popular alternative is a high quality laminate which provides similar wear properties and generally comes in at a fraction of the price of LVT. Laminate is made from timber offcuts recycled from other industries and formed into High Density Fibreboard (HDF) so has far better environmental credentials than LVT which is made from plastics.

Equally we have seen interest in Cork flooring, a product that has been around for decades but is having a resurgence at present. Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, which regenerates itself after harvesting, a truly renewable resource.

To discuss any of our flooring options with one of the team contact us or visit us in store.

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