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Why Choose Farrow & Ball?

Many of our customers are already converts to Farrow & Ball paints. But for those that are yet to discover the Farrow & Ball difference, we're often asked why Choose Farrow & Ball?

Probably the most important characteristic that sets Farrow & Ball apart from the competition is the way the rich and deeply pigmented colours respond to light throughout the day which truly bring walls to life.

A Unique Look

Highly responsive to changing light conditions, the highly pigmented paint gives a unique depth of colour and quality finish which bring walls to life. The right blend of pigments create a vibrancy in every room of the home.

The same colour in the same space can feel bright and airy in the morning sun and soft and gently in the afternoon light, or cosy and intimate during the evening.

Farrow & Ball paint is blended with a balance of rich pigments and generous amounts of light-reflecting titanium dioxide, meaning that as the day progresses undertones in color become more or less prominent.

Timeless Colour Range

Subtle neutrals, muted pastels to bold accents and rich dark tones. Each Farrow and Ball color has been created with care and thought to ensure they work beautifully alone or as part of a scheme.

Choose from 132 colours in the core palette which we stock sample pots in store or access the 125 additional colours in the Farrow and Ball archive range, that's over 250 timeless colours available same day from our store.

Quality Paint Finishes

The full colour palette is available in durable interior and exterior paint finishes. Ranging from the signature Farrow and Ball finish of Estate Emulsion, the wipeable Modern Emulsion and a range of eggshells for both wood and metal.

Use the excellent Exterior Eggshell for external wood and metal work, particularly popular for front doors and garden furniture.

Eco-Friendly and Child Safe

Farrow & Ball paints are 100% water based, low-odour, low-VOC and safe to use in every room of your home.

Scoring A+ for the French Indoor Air Quality Decree, one of the most stringent tests in the world.

The Estate and Modern ranges are independently tested to be toy safe, ensuring safety for young children. Ensuring your peace of mind to bring a splash of colour to cots, toys, nurseries and playrooms.

Order Farrow & Ball paint from our Paint Store, we'll prepare it so it's ready for you on collection. Alternatively visit us in store and view our Farrow & Ball sample boards.

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