How Much Will My Carpet Cost?

It’s tough to answer this question straight off because there are so many variables and options. It's hard to know the final price until you’ve figured out exactly what you want and have had skilled professionals assess your space to determine the best use of materials and approach to fitting. For a truly accurate cost, get one of our experienced staff to carry out a site survey. In the mean time, the estimating tools below should give you a rough idea of what to expect.

At Floor Design Wetherby we strive to inform every potential customer, even if that leads you to a different type of flooring, our aim is to ensure you end up with the best flooring for your individual situation.

Here, we will do our best to offer some realistic price ranges based on real world costs right now.

Please keep in mind that all prices are only estimates based on average projects. Prices can and often do vary drastically based on product selection and floor preparation requirements.

The first step is to select your carpet, there are a wide range of carpet options suitable that can range from under £20 per square meter to over £100, clearly this will have a big impact on the overall price of the flooring. It is worth mentioning that most (but not all) carpets will come on a roll that is either 4 or 5m wide and you will need to select the most suitable width and order the appropriate length to get the best fit for your carpet.

You should also remember to allow room in your budget for underlay. There's lots of choice here too but allowing £10 per square meter should give you a good starting point.

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Where stair runners are involved, things get a bit more complicated because there are even more options and variables to consider.

What is a stair runner?

Stair runners are a strip of carpet that runs down the centre of a staircase exposing the wooden stairs at either side. By exposing the edges of the stairs as well as potentially incorporating additional contrasting colours and textures with binding, stair runners allow you make you staircase a real design feature of your home.


One of the biggest decisions is to select how to finish the edge of the runner. The two most popular options for finishing the edges are:​

  1. Whipping: Wool yarn is used to bind the cut edges leaving a finish like on most carpet samples

  2. Fabric binding: Fabric tape in cotton, linen or leather is folded over the cut edge and sewn in place. This is a popular option due to the wide range of design options available but is more expensive due to the extra materials and labour involved.


Another optional design element to a runner is the addition of stair rods. These are purely decorative but potentially add another stylish element to your stairs.

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